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Empowering Your Leaders:
Team Executive Coaching

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Empowering Your Leaders: Team Executive Coaching

Team Executive Coaching

Over her career, Linda had the amazing opportunity to be a trusted advisor to leadership teams in need of clarity and focus in order to achieve their greatest aspirations.

In high-paced, fast-growth environments, it is extraordinarily difficult to lift up out of the work and dedicate critical time to ensure you are spending the right time in the right place. Many teams may dream a dream, but then say “break” let’s get to work without figuring out the right way to get there. Everyone’s really busy, but busy doing what?

In addition to working one-on-one with executives to drive individual performance, Linda works with leadership teams to improve and empower their collective performance. These leadership teams have a renewed sense of clarity and focus through targeted workshops and coaching. Even more thrilling is to watch their passion, ownership and excitement build with each step in the cycle. It’s the perfect mash up of culture and execution. The leaders have a strong desire to execute both for their personal success and their team’s success.

Team Strategy Coaching Process

Here’s a sample of the steps to empowering your leaders to focus and achieve



Create the Context

Internally: What is the story of the overall company strategy and what will be the role of your people to achieve it? Externally: Get outside of your four walls and open up the imagination. Hear from thought leaders and/or futurists around topics that are critical to executing the current strategy.


Honor your Past

Through visual storytelling, capture and honor the great history and legacy that your team has contributed to the success of your company. What were your moments of greatness that you need to preserve? Where did you fail and what did you learn? What strengths do each of you have that contributed to past and will nurture future success?


Define your Part

With the foundation of knowing the strength of the past and the possibilities of the future, together renew the core purpose for your Leadership Team. What is your greatest service to the company? This may be an affirmation of current purpose or a refresh.


Leverage your Values

How will your values support the growth of the organization within the context of the business strategy and the outside world? Where will they matter the most? Where are you doing that well already? Where are you not fully leveraging your values? Do they even exist?


Envision your Future

Based on all the work up to this point, refresh or create the Vision for your Leadership Team. What is your collective aspiration for 1 year from now? 3 years? 5 years? And how will you know you’ve achieved that? What will be the measurements that tell you that you’ve arrived?


Execute and Measure

Now that you know your greatest purpose and have a clear picture of the future for this team, how will you execute? Determine where you will focus your time and identify the specific strategies that will help you achieve your vision. Set clear lines of accountability and specific measurements to track progress.

What’s is worth to invest in these critical actions?

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“I work with a board of directors made up of successful business leaders, all with their own perspectives and priorities. The organization was in the second year of existence when Linda facilitated a foundational process for the board. Each person in this group of 8-10 directors had their own opinion of the organization’s values. It took some serious facilitation by Linda to separate the wheat from the chaff. As a result of that work, the board was able to get clear on the organization’s purpose and values in a way that most groups don’t get to because it’s not an easy thing to do.”

– Lee Valkenaar, Co-Chairman of the Board Whole Planet Foundation, Founding Board Member, SKU